RM Construction has a dual focus with two areas of specialty. We build custom dream homes to individual homeowner specifications, and we build production-type residential projects for developers and investors. No project is too complex, or alternatively too straightforward, for our versatile team of staff and subcontractors. But regardless of the cost or scale of a project, we bring our values, processes, transparency, and communication to make each and every project a success. How do we define success? It’s hitting our agreed-upon budget and deadline with a guaranteed quality product. Learn more about us and how we keep our promise to deliver a top-notch result, every time.


Our Customers Matter

RESPECT. Every customer is treated individually. Before we act, we listen closely to understand.
HONESTY. We present accurate plans and budgets. There aren’t any hidden costs, surprise change orders or unrealistic deadlines.
PROFESSIONALISM. We strive for excellence in every phase of the building process.
ACCOUNTABILITY.  With real-time tracking methods in place, every project is accountable at all times.
OPTIMISM. We like to believe that anything is possible. We partner with our clients and think outside the box to find a solution.
OPPORTUNITY. We value the opportunities that come our way. And we’re willing to extend opportunity to others. That’s enabled us to become a preferred employer and a favored subcontractor partner.
CUSTOMER CENTRIC. RM Construction empowers the customer, from start to finish, with tools and strategies that are unique to our company. We immediately start by a detailed assessment of each project’s need, understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to home construction.

Plans for Building or Brainstorming

Many clients like to peruse our library of more than 700 build-ready architectural plans. In some cases, an RM customer will simply choose one of the designs and we’ll build the home exactly to specifications. In other cases, the library gives the homeowner ideas to visualize desired style, size and finishes. Or, it can simply be a jumping-off place to convey a visual representation of what they imagine as an outcome and provide a platform to begin a more detailed discussion and direction.


In addition to turn-key home plans, RM has hundreds of samples for interior finish, hardware, flooring, cabinets, appliances and more. The homeowner can consult with our in-house designer for advice, if desired, plus get hands-on with materials and colors.

Quick-Turn Takeoffs

A takeoff is a count of how much material will go into a project—it’s the nitty gritty of how many studs, wye joints, light fixtures or feet of cable is needed to complete a job. Some contractors are still poring over paper blueprints, a time-consuming and error-prone approach. At RM, our automation tool makes the production of takeoffs swift and precise. With client direction, our team and our technology can produce takeoffs in a half day.

Deep Knowledge & Skill Resources

Our greatest strength is our team, a truly versatile workforce and the very best specialty partners in the region. RM Construction maintains a large and loyal pool of subcontractors, who have responded to our practice of fast and fair payment, clear project direction and a consistently high-volume pipeline of business.


RM Construction starts with thorough plans and estimates. You won’t find vague or missing items in the building plans that result in surprises. With our buying power on the volume of materials we source, RM saves 25-40%; we pass those savings on to the homebuyer.


Our communication is both high touch and high tech. We’re good listeners. And we utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure efficient management and communication of each project. With our online Project Portal, a homebuyer can track construction progress daily through photographs and reports. And with our Matterport virtual reality camera, clients can envision the home through three-dimensional, interactive imagery even when they can’t be there in person. We’d love to work with you. Contact us today to get acquainted or get started!