Four Custom Considerations for Designing Your Living Space


When designing a custom home, it is essential to create a living area that meets all of your family’s entertainment and relaxation needs. As the main room the guests of your house will see, this space can display the uniqueness and attentive design of your home while also serving as an ideal place of gathering. Here are four custom considerations for designing your living space.

Open Concept Design

Open Concept Design

Having an open concept design is essential to any modern custom home. An open concept traditionally involves eliminating walls and doors that would typically separate living areas such as the kitchen, living room, and dining room. This allows those spaces to flow seamlessly together, creating an ideal entertaining space for you and your family. Open concept designs are essential for entertaining, as you can easily transition from the kitchen to the dining room for dinner, then relax in the living room at the end of the day. When designing an open concept floorplan, be sure to incorporate plenty of lighting to bring out the charm of the rooms. Natural lighting from well-placed windows and skylights can be combined with artificial lighting to give the space a warm and cozy vibe.

Built-In Media Center

Another great customization for your living room would be to incorporate a built-in media center. These can include bookshelves, spaces for displaying collectibles, or even a built-in place for your TV with a retracting wall to hide the screen while not in use. Your media center can also be an accent piece for your living room. Consider using locally sourced wood and stones to create a beautiful and rustic entertainment center that is unique to the Rocky Mountains. When designing your media center, consider adding shelf lighting to spotlight your display pieces or book collection.


Fireplace & media


Incorporating a fireplace can really improve the form and function of your living space. Like the built-in media center, a fireplace is another opportunity to give your living room some additional flare while also keeping your family warm on those cold Colorado Winter nights. You can opt for a traditional woodburning fireplace to enjoy the smokey aroma, or you can go with the ease and convenience of a gas fireplace.

Incorporate Natural Materials

When considering the overall design of your living space, think about ways to include natural materials to enhance the aesthetic of your space. If you opt for a built-in media center or fireplace using locally sourced materials, you can accent these pieces with vaulted ceilings with matching wood. You could also accent the space with custom wood floors – dark hardwood floors will give the home a cozy and traditional feel, whereas lighter woods will accent the lighting of the space.

Ultimately, there are endless options and opportunities when designing your home’s living space. RM Construction can handle any custom home build that you can dream up.

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