Building Your Custom Home: 3 Kitchen Considerations


When building a custom home for your family, you have a range of rooms to plan, interior design trends to consider, and choices to make. The kitchen is the most trafficked room in your home. Therefore, planning the layout and design of the kitchen in your custom home includes many important decisions. Consider the following aspects of your kitchen when building your custom home in Colorado.

The Location of Appliances

While you may want your refrigerator on one end of your kitchen

and the dishwasher on the other, you have to consider where the electricity hookups are situated. The location of your kitchen appliances is key to the functionality of your kitchen. For instance, if you have the stove on one end of your kitchen, and the sink and dishwasher hook up in an odd location, cooking and cleaning in a timely manner will ultimately become a pain to anyone attempting to use your kitchen.

Flow of Traffic

While island countertops and breakfast bars are a popular choice for custom home kitchens, they can also be in the way of family members trying to get into the kitchen. When figuring out the layout of your kitchen, always consider the flow of traffic coming into and out of the kitchen. How many people are in your household, and how quickly do they tend to move through the house? Where are the entrances to and from the kitchen located? If you’re not planning on building a large kitchen, a feature like an island is probably not a smart choice.

Kitchen Space

Even though the kitchen is the most frequented room in any home, not everyone uses it the same amount. Do you enjoy cooking for fun, or do you cook for the sheer point of living? If you like cooking and plan to do so often, make sure that your kitchen floor plan includes extensive space in and around your kitchen. Otherwise, you will become annoyed by the lack of space, and have difficulty cooking large meals frequently.

Choose a Custom Home Builder That Understands Your Kitchen Needs

RM Construction takes every single detail into consideration when building your custom home. We work hand in hand with the homeowner to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your new custom home. Contact us today to get started on your new home!

 RM Construction, the Best Luxury Custom Home Builder in Grand Junction,Carbondale, & Glenwood Springs CO

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