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The process of building a new home is exciting. Rather than spending countless hours scouring the limited housing market for the perfect home, owners are able to build exactly to their specifications. However, a fully custom home can seem daunting for owners when considering the vast amount of choices that need to be made to complete the project. For this reason, it can be extremely beneficial to utilize build-ready home plans as a starting point and to build inspiration to make your own custom home. Below, we outline four reasons why this option may be right for you and how RM Construction can help.

It’s time-saving.
If you have ever looked for a home before, you know it takes an immense amount of time. From online searches, calls with realtors, and visiting in-person, it can take months to find the right home that fits your needs and price point. It is not uncommon to be outbid even if your offer is over the asking price, and this is truer than ever in today’s housing market. Choosing from a library of ready-to-build plans ensures you find the right home in significantly less time and hassle. And when you use the plans as a starting point to figuring out how you’d like to customize your own home, it makes the process much smoother from start to finish.

It’s cost-effective.
Using the services of an architect to draft a fully-customized home is typically very expensive. Obtaining construction-ready plans from an architect can cost tens of thousands of dollars – funds that could be spent on high-quality materials like tile and hardwood instead. Choosing a pre-designed plan from your builder and making it yours could help save time and money. When you use the plan to build inspiration for your own custom home, it cuts down on decisions and makes achieving a custom home plan much simpler. Your builder will most likely be able to complete the home in less time, as the construction project manager may be more familiar with the basic plan. This also saves on labor costs, allowing those funds to be used in other areas too.

It’s low-stress.
Building a new home can be an emotional process. Because you are the first to live there, the home will be a unique reflection of you and your family. If you were to start from scratch instead of selecting a build-ready plan as inspiration, you can be faced with hundreds of small decisions. For many, this can become frustrating and overwhelming, especially without being able to see visual examples of similar finished properties. Basing your custom home on a pre-completed plan removes the need to make many of these nuanced decisions, while still leaving you with the ability to customize the aspects most important to you and to decorate and finish the home to your liking.

It’s customizable.
The RM Construction library contains hundreds of build-ready plans. With the option to filter by multiple factors including size, number of bedrooms, topography, and more, it is simple to find the right plan for you. After you’ve selected your perfect home plan, or find several you’d like to draw inspiration from, the design team at RM Construction can assist you with any customizations you would like to make. Perhaps you would like to add built-in bookshelves in a bedroom, or add a skylight over the master bathroom. These changes help make the house your own. You will also be able to choose your own unique finishes for the cabinets, countertops, flooring, and more. RM Construction also has a gallery of client photos that can give you ideas for finishes you like.

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