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Your custom home’s interior can reflect the area’s natural beauty through the complimentary materials, color, and architecture that you choose during the design and construction process. However, it is equally important to think about how your home’s exterior spaces can also capture the Western Slope’s stunning outdoor surroundings. Here, we are highlighting five custom options for your outdoor space that make the most of mountain living.

A sunroom is an incredible year-round space for daily use and special occasions alike. Families and couples who enjoy entertaining will find that a sunroom can often double as a second living or dining room for overflow seating during parties and holiday gatherings. Because it is fully insulated and enclosed, you can always enjoy the panoramic views of nature despite the weather. Consider adding a custom masonry fireplace to your sunroom to create a focal point that also adds functional warmth in the cooler months.

Large Deck
If you know you will want to enjoy even more time in the outdoors, a large deck might be the customization option for you. Depending on your plot’s location, slope, and terrain, a traditional backyard may not be possible in the Colorado Rockies. A deck allows for plenty of space to play, relax, and entertain guests. Your builder can even help you connect your deck to important interior spaces of your home, such as the kitchen or living room, depending on your family’s needs.

Fire Pit
Regardless of the terrain around your home, it is possible to add a luxurious fire pit to your outdoor space. These can be added as an extension from your deck or patio and create a cozy vignette when surrounded by outdoor couches and chairs. While many outdoor fire pits are fueled by gas, you can opt for a wood-burning fire pit depending on local jurisdictions. Wood-burning pits are wonderful for outdoor cooking, or simply gathering around with a cup of cocoa and roasted marshmallows.

Outdoor Kitchen
For those with serious home cooks in their family, adding a custom outdoor kitchen can become your chef’s dream domain. This area becomes a hub for entertaining, especially when combined with a large patio and outdoor living space. Cooking is easier altogether, with more space to have multiple helping hands at the same time. You can also add amenities that you may not want inside, such as a grill, smoker, or hibachi table. These appliances can be large and put off a lot of heat, which is easily dispersed in the outdoor breeze. Outdoor kitchens also increase the value of your home, and Zillow reports this amenity increases your value by about 30%.

Private Rain Shower
Outdoor showers may seem like the amenity only found at luxurious beachfront villas, but there are many uses and benefits to adding it to your home on the Western Slope. It can be extremely relaxing to take a rinse during one of Colorado’s numerous days of great weather. An outdoor shower also becomes very useful for families with dogs or small children who may be likely to bring in mud or dirt after playing outdoors. Homeowners who entertain large groups will also appreciate having an additional private bathing space to offer guests when the indoor options are occupied. Just make sure the rain shower is private with walls and tile or concrete flooring to complete the resort-like experience.

For residents in the Colorado Rockies, it is no secret that this area features some of the most breathtaking views and outdoor scenery in the U.S. When you choose to live in a beautiful place like the Colorado River and Roaring Fork River valleys, you want to be able to enjoy the surroundings whether you are indoors or outside. The team at RM Construction are experienced professionals who want to help their Western Slope neighbors build a home that captures all the area has to offer. To begin making your dream home a reality, call (970) 300-2025 today.