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Having enough storage is one of the biggest challenges in any home. Another question is where to display all of those trinkets, treasures and family heirlooms. In the bathroom, the issue is where to put all of the hair and bath care bottles. What to do?

You could put up some shelves, or buy another end table or sofa table or dresser. These take up precious room space, though. Think out of the box, or, inside your walls…Your walls have unlimited potential to take care of some of these dilemmas.

Build a niche!
A niche in your shower will make life so much easier. Soap and Shampoo will be in reach, and won’t clutter up the corners of the bathtub.

In your kitchen, consider a niche for decorative glassware or dishes. A niche in your living room or bedroom can house your TV or display books and treasures. Whether your home is a new build (the best time to decide where you want your niches) or a renovation, RM Construction (970) 300-2025 and Boardwalk Studios (970) 300-2799 can help you with your design and plan.