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RM Construction is excited to announce that the city of Grand Junction recently approved issuing up to $12.3 million in bonds to fund infrastructure for the Dos Rios future development.

RM Construction and a development group are finalizing an agreement to purchase Dos Rios and develop a multi-use neighborhood along the river. The Riverfront at Dos Rios is a 58-acre mixed-use development. It’s located in the heart of the Grand Junction. The project consists of parks and open space, residential, restaurants, retail, hotel, office, and light commercial.

Because of its riverfront location and proximity to downtown, Dos Rios is slated to be a vibrant community that will serve as a home, workplace, and play place to the growing Grand Junction community.

In a recent article in The Daily Sentinel, Bob Gibson of RM Construction commented, “I’m very familiar with Grand Junction. I’ve lived here. There’s just nothing around here like that. I know the success of mixed-use developments elsewhere and they’re really cool. Everybody wants one. This is huge for this town.”

A Phased Project

Bob continued to comment on the timing of the project in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Infrastructure like roads and sidewalks will begin this fall. Xcel Energy will start moving power lines from the property in September. The construction of buildings wouldn’t happen until next spring or early summer. Bob notes, “Our outlook on the economy is, in the long term, it’s going to be just fine. Short term if this was something we were busting out of the ground now and hoped to get it done in six months, maybe we’d pause.” Bob also noted that the development will occur in phases over the course of several years.

A Vision for Dos Rios

Bob’s vision for Dos Rios is clear, “We’re thinking of a lot of entertainment, restaurants, nice places where families can go. A husband and wife can go out to dinner and have a nice time. A destination where people can go spend a Saturday and have dinner and walk around and enjoy all the different amenities down there.”

At RM Construction, we’re thrilled to be a part of this development! Stay tuned for more information.