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If you’re thinking about building your home, but don’t know what style to go for, RM Construction has got you covered. Many of 2022’s home design trends will bring out the character of your beautiful future home in Colorado. Here are our top design choices for your home in 2022:

Closed Floor Plans
With more people staying and working from home, closed floor plans are becoming more popular. There’s an increased need for privacy. A few years ago, people were tearing walls down to create an open floor plan. Now, people are adding those walls back in to create their own home offices. These closed floor plans also allow you to be more creative in each space. If you wanted, each room could have a different style or color scheme.

Just because the house has a closed floor plan doesn’t mean it needs to feel congested. Multiple windows in every room allow a lot of natural light, making the spaces feel bigger and more inviting. For the open areas, dramatic curved archways are a fantastic design element.

Indoor-Outdoor Spaces
Colorado is a beautiful state, and in 2022 people are craving indoor to outdoor spaces. Staying at home all the time can feel stifling, so incorporating nature into your space helps liven the house and your overall mood. Bi-folding doors or sliding doors that span the full length of a wall allow any room to become an indoor to outdoor space. These doors connect one room to an existing outdoor space like a patio or backyard. This is more common for living spaces and dining rooms, but consider adding one to your bedroom floorplan if you’re a nature lover like us.

You can also add your own bedroom balcony or patio space to enjoy your morning coffee while taking in the mountain scenery. Big patio spaces where the whole family (and guests) can hang out are a huge 2022 must. People are also starting to build their own home bars, so consider adding a bar to your patio to create the ultimate outdoor hangout.

Bold Patterns, Natural Colors, Interesting Textures
The design trends of the 60s and 70s have come back in a major way in 2022. Dark, moody colors like green are being utilized in kitchens and bathrooms cabinetry. Add some sleek metallic hardware to your cabinets to stand out. Or, consider some unique cabinetry options using interesting textures like vertical paneling. A pattern backsplash in the kitchen using ceramic or glass tiles adds another captivating finish to your space. Finish the space with marble, cement, or butcher block countertop to add an even more dynamic texture.

If you just can’t get enough of the outdoors, consider incorporating vintage-inspired botanical wallpaper into a few standout walls in your home. These will tie into the other natural colors we’ve been loving, like deep forest greens, creamy white, chocolate browns, rust, mustard, and beige. If you don’t want dark paint on your walls, consider painting the crown molding or wainscoting of your home in bold blues or greens that stand out.

Real wood floors in a warm tone are extremely desirable, as they add texture and contrast the darker paint colors creating a nice warmth to the home. Incorporating other textures like exposed brick/stone, wood paneling, marble countertops and tile create an even more nature inspired feel for your home.

Smart Technology
Smart homes are the future, and more and more people are turning towards devices that will keep their homes sustainable. Smart thermostats, lighting, and appliances help your ecological footprint. Some may even opt for recycled water systems and solar paneling on the roof for an even more sustainable home. Building your home with these smart systems saves you the time and money of adding them later.

Take comfort knowing that your decision to build with smart technology creates a more sustainable future. Smart technologies help us to reduce our use of energy and water consumption. You can set them to automate themselves depending on the weather, or even how much you use a room. Some smart thermostats have sensors that detect which rooms are being used, so most of the air/heat goes there. Smart water systems also help to protect your home from costly water damage, as they can detect pressure in the pipes and moisture levels in the air and shut the water off if needed.

There are other smart technologies, while they don’t add to sustainability, are a neat feature of any home. Smart multi-room speakers can play your music throughout the house, or you can play different music in each room. You can also install smart cameras outside your home and monitor them on your devices.

You will need to build your home with these smart technologies in mind. It’s necessary to make sure it’s built in a way that won’t have spotty network coverage. You may also want to consider having multiple ethernet ports available throughout the home depending on where your smart devices will be.

Create your dream home in 2022. Call RM Construction today to start planning your fully customized home buil