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Whether you are moving to Colorado from out of state or relocating within the state, the Western Slope should absolutely be on your list of potential places to make home. Although it makes up nearly 40% of Colorado’s land, this region contains only around 10% of the population. Those seeking an area that isn’t saturated with people but still full of plenty to do may find it here. In addition to their stunning beauty, Western Slope areas like the Grand Valley and Roaring Fork River Valley have so much to offer families, couples, and individuals who choose to reside here. From exciting careers to incredible outdoor adventures and more, here are four reasons why you should move to the Western Slope — and why you should build your new home with RM Construction.

Diverse Employment Opportunities
Traditionally, much of the industry on the Western Slope has been centered around energy extraction – primarily oil and gas. While energy remains a strong force in the region’s economy, there are other, less volatile sectors of business that have experienced a recent rise in popularity. Containing perhaps the best recreational regions of the state, the Western Slope has a hospitality and tourism industry that provides employment opportunities to a huge number of residents. Agriculture is another economic giant in this region, well known for fruit and wine. Growing industries include finance, real estate, and healthcare, and there are a great number of trade jobs to be found across the region.

Year-Round Outdoor Activities
All work and no play isn’t how it’s done on the Western Slope. With four distinct seasons and impressive geographical diversity, there is always something to step outside and do here. Depending on where you buy or build your home, you may be able to simply step out your front door and access incredible recreational adventures! Each season has outdoor activities to enjoy, such as hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, and more. The region has so many wonderful recreational opportunities that it has even earned some much-deserved accolades. For example, the Roaring Fork Valley has Gold Medal waters for fishing at the Fryingpan, Roaring Fork, and Crystal Rivers and Gold Medal mountain bike trails spanning over 300 miles from Aspen to Glenwood Springs.

Flexible Education Opportunities
Families living on the Western Slope have the benefit of flexibility regarding their children’s education. The state of Colorado focuses on giving its citizens opportunities to learn in an environment that best suits their needs. Open enrollment is a state requirement that allows students to either enroll in their assigned neighborhood public school, another school within that same district or even outside of it. You can truly customize your child’s education by selecting the school that best fits their unique scholastic needs. Another educational opportunity for students in the Western Slope is that of a charter school. In Colorado, charter schools are quite common. If you like the approach of a particular charter school, you can try your hand at the lottery to be selected for admission into said school.

High Elevation Health Benefits
Life moves a bit too fast for a lot of us and we can’t find moments to slow down. That can really change when you take a step back and change your environment. Aside from the breathtaking views in the Western Slope, there are many health benefits to living in a high elevation area. Numerous studies have reported that living in an area that is high altitude correlates with better overall health status. Colorado, especially, is known for the health of its citizens. In high elevation areas like the Western Slope, people tend to have lower rates of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes and may have longer average life spans. While it could be attributed to the increased opportunities for outdoor recreation, the evidence shows that environmental factors have a significant effect as well.

Custom Home Building in the Western Slope
If you are looking to relocate to Colorado’s Western Slope, a beautiful area with a lot to offer, don’t settle for a home that doesn’t have everything you want. Experience the advantages of high country living and get your dream custom home by working with local homebuilder RM Construction. Experienced in mountain building with all its challenges, RM will make the process of building your custom home as painless as possible for you. When working with RM’s team, you can rest easy knowing that your home will be just as you imagined. Are you ready to start your custom home build in the Western Slope? Contact RM Construction for a consultation today.