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Headlines across the U.S. have highlighted the dramatic increase in home sales recently. As people spend more time at home, more are looking to buy their dream house while those with desirable houses are not moving. This creates a shortage of homes for sale and drives prices through the roof. For towns in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, this seller’s market is certainly in full swing. If you are a prospective buyer in the local area, here are a few reasons why pursuing new construction and a custom home can be ideal during a seller’s market.

It’s Done Right the First Time
When looking at pre-owned residences, it can be hard to have a thorough understanding of the home’s structural integrity, history, and overall condition. Everything that meets the eye may appear in order, only to find that the foundation has serious issues or the plumbing work needs to be replaced. If these issues aren’t revealed during your pre-purchase inspection – and some buyers are choosing to forego inspections in order to make their bid more attractive to the seller – you as a homeowner will be on the hook for costly repairs to fix another builder’s mistake. When you are building a new construction home in partnership with a high-quality builder, you can ensure that the safety and security of your home are not compromised. Because RM Construction is local and specializes in homes in the Roaring Fork Valley and Colorado Rockies, we understand the uniqueness of each home site and bring our expertise to ensure the job is done correctly the first time.

It’s Time-Saving
With today’s modern advancements in online real estate listings, it can be easy to spend hours searching on the internet for potential homes. While this may be a good place to start as you determine your budget, average home value in your community, and the style of homes you prefer, it can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming. When you work with the builders at RM Construction, your project manager will help you define your needs and taste while creating a custom home that checks off all the boxes on your list. By letting the professionals at RM Construction share their knowledge and bring your project to life, you will save valuable time and reduce bidding stress during the house-hunting process.

It Includes What You Need and Omits What You Don’t
When browsing the existing housing market, you may find a few homes that are within your budget and basic needs. These basic needs may include a certain number of bedrooms, a garage, wheelchair access, and more. However, because this house was not built exclusively for you, it may include features and amenities that are not ideal for your family. Do you travel frequently? A swimming pool and extensively landscaped yard may be more upkeep than you desire. Do you have young children or high-energy pets? You may outgrow a home with a small backyard rather quickly. Even when a home meets your basic list of requirements, there will more than likely be additional features that are not to your liking. Although you can always partner with a contractor to handle changes, building a new home that is customized to have all the features you want saves you the stress of living in a home while renovating it at the same time.

It’s Built Exactly Where You Want It
In Colorado, the terrain can vary in a matter of miles. This variety affects the climate, temperature, landscape, and more. As you browse resale homes, you may find some that suit your needs but are located on a less desirable lot. You may be looking for something on a flat plot for easy access and landscaping potential, or you may prefer the vistas that come along with a mountain home. A new construction home allows you to choose your plot, along with the orientation to the street, views, natural lighting, and more. RM Construction has built homes on terrains throughout the Rockies and can help you create a haven that captures the beauty of Colorado.

Build Your Custom Home with RM Construction
Don’t want the stress of bidding wars, trying to find a home that meets all of your needs, or getting into your desired neighborhood? Build with RM! As a local custom home builder, RM Construction is fully equipped to make your homeownership dreams come true during an unpredictable seller’s market.