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One of the emerging interior lighting trends we at RM Construction have been seeing lately is the use of LED lighting options. Aside from the plentiful design options available, LED lighting also offers a host of other benefits that will promote ocular health and lower power bills. Read about the top four benefits of LED lighting and think about ways you could incorporate this lighting trend into your new custom home!

Long Lifespan
LED light bulbs outlast other options by a very wide margin. If you left an LED light fixture on for eight continuous hours a day, it would take 2 decades before it would need to be replaced! One reason that LED lights are able to outlast the competition by such a degree is because they don’t “burn out” like standard light bulbs. Instead of abruptly ceasing to light up, they slowly lose lighting power over time, meaning that they gradually become less bright as time passes. The lighting diodes of an LED light bulb are built for the long haul, though, and it will take a great deal of time before you notice they are dimming at all.

Energy Efficient
There is not a more energy efficient lighting option than LED lighting on the market today. LED lighting is able to boast an incredible 80% energy efficiency, which means that 4/5th of the energy that is needed to power an LED light bulb is converted to light. In comparison, a standard light bulb will only convert 20% of energy into light, meaning that 80% is lost as heat or another form of energy. Such an efficient conversion of energy has never been seen before in interior lighting, and less wasted energy means that you will see big savings on your electric bill.

Environmentally Friendly
By using LED light bulbs, you are choosing to not only save your pocket book some stress, but the environment as well. LED lights last a very long time, meaning that you will not have to use as many over the course of time as you would with standard lighting options. By opting for LED lighting, you will be contributing less waste to the ever-growing landfills over time. LED bulbs are totally recyclable as well, so even when they do need to be replaced it can be done in an environmentally friendly manner. LED lights are also made without the use of toxic chemicals, unlike other options that can contain mercury and other harmful materials.

Virtually No UV Emissions
By essentially emitting no UV light, LED lights will not attract bugs and are safe to use around both heat sensitive and UV sensitive materials. This makes LED lighting a great choice for displaying antique paintings in your home! This aspect of LED light bulbs contributes to their energy efficiency as well.

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