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4 Bathroom Trends to Consider for Your Custom Home
The bathroom of a home is usually the one place where you can go to find a moment of peace and quiet. It is also, usually, the first stop of every morning and the last stop of every evening. When you are so frequently using a room in your home, you want it to be calm and a place you can retreat to if the day becomes overwhelming. RM Construction can help you in building the custom home of your dreams with beautiful bathrooms and give you the private space you need. We’ve compiled a list of four current trends to consider when building your custom home with RM Construction.

Relax in a Room with a View
When you’re building a custom home in the Colorado Rockies, there is a very good chance your home will face some incredible views. Many homeowners value having a beautiful view in their living space or bedroom, but the bathroom is another excellent spot that will benefit from spectacular views. When you build a custom home with your own unique floorplan, you can strategically locate windows in your home to face the very best mountain views. In your main bathroom, consider placing a large window over a freestanding bathtub – especially if you enjoy soaking in a hot bath for relaxation. In the Carbondale home pictured above, we built this exact feature! Whether it’s snowing outdoors or a Spring

wind is rushing through the trees, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of nature while you rejuvenate in your luxurious bathroom.

Walk Into a Spacious Shower
Open concept home design has gained popularity in recent years, and this trend extends to bathrooms as well. An open concept, walk-in shower has no door and is typically much larger in size than standard showers. Some homeowners choose to add two separate showerheads in their walk-in shower, as in the Glenwood Springs home pictured above. Others may want both a freestanding bathtub and a luxury shower head inside the tiled open concept shower area – often on opposite sides, in contrast to traditional shower-bathtub combos found in most homes. Rainfall showerheads are a popular choice for walk-in showers because they are less likely to spray water in places you don’t want it. Choosing to put an open concept shower in your custom home can truly transform your home into a luxury living space.

Have Your Own Separate Spaces
There is never enough storage in a home. When building homes and various rooms, architects have been able to find ways to add storage options for the homeowners while simultaneously adding sections to a room, providing more privacy than is usually available. With this newly added separation in the bathroom, those who use it daily will feel they have more privacy and in turn, will feel more at ease when they are doing their routine. The storage allows those to keep their items private if they have guests over who will be utilizing this bathroom. One example of this can be seen in the image above of a Carbondale home we built. The additional storage cabinetry, a tall cabinet in between two vanity sinks, gives the people using this bathroom a sense of privacy and ownership over their space. The storage allows the room to be clean due to the towels and additional toiletry items to be hidden away until they are needed.

Enhance Design with Custom Lighting
Lighting can really affect the way a room is perceived and how its ambiance is translated to anyone who enters the room. From the placement of the light fixtures to the type of lightbulb and the number of fixtures in the room, there are many choices when it comes to your bathroom lighting. Additionally, when you build a custom home, you are not restricted to using the builder-grade fixtures that everyone else has in their homes. You can choose beautiful lighting fixtures that complement the style and design of the rest of your home. By matching finishes, styles, and design elements throughout your bathroom, you can create a space that feels cohesive and truly one-of-a-kind. RM Construction’s home design team is happy to help you choose the right lights and other finishes for your custom home’s bathrooms.

Design Your Custom Home with RM Construction
Custom home building is what RM Construction is all about. Their team sits with you throughout the entire conceptual process in order for you to get the home of your dreams. Bathrooms are just as important of an area in the home as the kitchen. The bathroom is where you get ready for your day and where you wind down once it’s over, so why not get it custom-made to fit your lifestyle. To get started on building your own custom home, call RM Construction at (970) 300-2025 to set up a consultation.