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2020 was a year like no other before, and one thing many people learned is that their current home does not work for their needs. The role of the American home shifted from being a place of rest in the hours outside of work or school to a full-time, multifunctional working, learning and living space. For many, 2021 is the year to build a custom home that can meet these new needs. If you are a current homeowner or renter in the Roaring Fork Valley and you’re looking to build a custom home in 2021, RM Construction is your best choice for a home builder. Here are some of the trends we expect to see for 2021 custom homes.

Indoor Escapes
In a time where travel is generally ill-advised, the opportunity to visit favorite vacation spots like the beach is unlikely. Design experts have predicted that 2021 will bring a return of coastal home styles, but this time it will look more earthy and natural. Neutral, warm colors and natural materials for both building and decorating will be favorable over the cooler, more modern styles that have dominated home design in recent years. Wide plank wood or laminate flooring, warm neutral or blue and green paint colors, and natural wood furniture are some examples of how you can implement this trend.

Larger Kitchens
Many people have been cooking at home more often than they used to do. Having a smaller kitchen may have been okay before, but when looking to build a custom home, many people are prioritizing having a larger and more functional kitchen. Your kitchen should work for your entire family, and when you custom build you can truly structure the layout to meet your needs. Kitchen features like “appliance garages” (where a cabinet extends or opens to reveal concealed workspaces, cooking gadgets, or anything else) are helping homeowners keep their cooking spaces more clean and organized during hectic times. To ensure your kitchen in your new home is large enough to support a family spending lots of time at home, building a custom home is your best option!

Organized Zones
The zones of the home used to be a smaller list – often defined as living, sleeping, and service. The service zone typically includes spaces such as the kitchen, laundry room, and garage. Now, however, the traditional zones aren’t cutting it for many families. When designing your custom home, keep in mind where in the house you could use as a home office, where your kids could use as a home learning center, and other concerns that you may not have considered a few years ago. Having a dedicated office space at home, even if you do not currently work from home, will be a blessing should you ever find yourself in that position. With these new, functional zones added to your home, you can reserve the other zones for their original purposes and reduce the stress of having one room serve multiple, contrasting functions.

Choose RM Construction for Your Colorado Custom Home Design
If you are one of the many people who want to make a move to build their dream home in 2021, RM Construction is here to help your dream come true. Whatever it is that you value in a home, we can realize your vision. Use our plan search function to find a home plan that meets your needs, and we will go from there!