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Jack & Jill Bathrooms

“You’ve been in there long enough!” “It’s my turn!” “Mom/Dad – she/he won’t get out of the bathroom!” “I have to goooooo!” If you grew up with siblings or have children, you have undoubtedly heard these words yelled loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

One way to minimize this age-old issue is with a Jack and Jill bathroom. Connecting 2 bedrooms with locking doors on both sides, the Jack and Jill bathroom typically has 2 sinks and vanities, along with a shared Shower/Bathtub and toilet. One popular configuration is the shower and toilet within the lockable doors and the sinks directly accessible from each bedroom. The other is to incorporate everything “bathroom” related within the locked doors. The second option, however, doesn’t alleviate the initial struggle. The Jack and Jill bathroom solves a couple other issues, as well – cost and space. Because of the condensed nature of this type of bathroom, you need less square footage, and it cuts down on the cost of plumbing, fixtures, tile, etc. Give us a call and let us help you design and build your perfect Jack and Jill bathroom, so you can find some peace and quiet! 970-300-2025